New Android Developers group in town.

Welcome Daniel Heron who has newly arrived from Austin. He’s starting up an Android developers group. First meetup will be at Ideas and Coffee at 7pm on Monday Jan 9th. Here’s some more info on that Meetup.

Find more info on that Meetup here:

New Year, New App!

Monday, Jan 9, 2017, 7:00 PM

Ideas and Coffee Coworking Space
5021 Indian School NE Suite 500 Albuquerque, NM

9 Droids Attending

2017 is here! Android is on the rise! Let’s get together to talk about Android. If you are a veteran Android developer, come share your stories about the first app you built. For new android developers that will be building their first app this year, come share what you are working on and gain insight from the community.The goal is to help grow a …

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Word Camp Albuquerque

PrintApril 30 there will be a WordPress conference at WESST. If you work with WordPress you might be interested in joining the community for an all day session of informative and fun presentations by WordPress experts, both local and coming in from a far.

This WordCamp is focusing on mid-level users, people who have been working with WordPress but would still love to learn more. If you’re interested you can get more information on the schedule, or to register. You’ll want to register soon I hear there are less than 10 tickets left.

Tech Love is renovating

techlove-hackathon-horiz1-300x187The Tech Love event space, and coworking facility is refactoring their space. No news on what they’re planning, but we hope if will contain some coworking. They are still an great place for computer repair. Drop by and wish them well!

Meet WESST’s new coworking space, the Veterans Suite

The Albuquerque Coworking Alliance is happy to welcome WESST as our newest member.

WESST, a small business development and training organization, has opened the Veterans Suite, a coworking space designed to assist those who want to start and grow their own businesses. The Suite is dedicated to priority use by Veterans and Active Military. The new space with have fifteen workstations with computers, monitors, and printing capabilities as well as high-speed internet. More information can be found here.

Open Hack moves to Fat Pipe

If you’ve been missing the great book club discussions and the chance to meet and work with other developers in Albuquerque, fear not! Open Hack is back and working at Fat Pipe. Future meetings will be on the coworking Meetup calendar now. Thanks to Geoff Petrie for organizing this great Meetup!

Their next event will be on April 16th at 6:00pm.

New Meetups hit the scene

We’re seeing some new Meetup groups get started this first quarter. Patrick White has started an excellent Meetup group on SEO. It’s meeting twice a month at Ideas and Coffee. Sam Hotchkiss, founder of Brute Protect, is organizing several new WordPress meetups geared towards developers and businesses using WordPress. Keep an eye on  the Meetup calendar for more details.

We’ll miss you Convivium!

I’m sorry to say Convivium, one of the first coworking spaces in Albuquerque has closed its doors. We’ll certainly miss Deborah’s energy and vitality in the coworking community, but I’m sure she’s working on new and interesting projects and we look forward to hearing about them!

Free Coworking during Tech Fiesta!

Anyone attending any Tech Fiesta events can come work for free at the following Coworking Alliance member spaces: Convivium Coworking, FatPipe ABQ, Ideas and Coffee, Newton’s Cradle, The Produce Company, and Tech Love. Come experience comfortable work spaces, with awesome internet connections and all the other amenities of a company office, and meet fellow entrepreneurs, telecommuters, and freelancers. Who knows what great new idea will come from a casual conversation around the coffee pot.