Meet WESST’s new coworking space, the Veterans Suite

The Albuquerque Coworking Alliance is happy to welcome WESST as our newest member.

WESST, a small business development and training organization, has opened the Veterans Suite, a coworking space designed to assist those who want to start and grow their own businesses. The Suite is dedicated to priority use by Veterans and Active Military. The new space with have fifteen workstations with computers, monitors, and printing capabilities as well as high-speed internet. More information can be found here.

Quelab’s Grand Opening – May 3rd

Quelab’s Grand Opening celebration is happening Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 10am – 6pm.

Want to learn about Non-Newtonian fluids, or how to make your own Simon Says game? Or just get a tour of Albuquerque’s excellent Maker Space, a place for makers and hackers to join forces, build things and learn from one another. The new space located at 680 Haines Avenue NW is a 6000 square foot environment for promoting creativity and collaboration in science, art and technology.

More information about Quelab and the event can be found here.

Welcome Team WORK

We welcome a new addition to Albuquerque’s vibrant coworking community. Team WORK is located in the South Valley in the cafe of the South Valley Economic Development Center.

Concentrating on educational opportunities surrounding website design Team WORK offers a unique collaborative environment. For more information on their programs and hours check them out at